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password breachA serious part protecting your digital privacy is managing your passwords and resolving a password breach.  I manage literally hundreds as I care not only for my own but also those of a number of clients.  I do this the old fashion way with writing them down on a piece of paper.  Not is a spreadsheet, not produced by a service.  Kind of a hassle but the password is often the frontline of your privacy protection.

Here is an interesting service that attempts to tell you if your password has been revealed in a breach.  Pwned Passwords.  Interesting application.  I think I will not use it, but change some passwords of the most critical services I use.

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CloudPets left their database exposed publicly to the web without so much as a password to protect it.

The Internet Of Things, needs to be taken seriously both by us, the consumers, and by the manufacturers.  According to Troy Hunt, Austratian Security Blogger, an interactive, internet-connected, Teddy bear has apparently been seriously compromised. Kids’ voices were recorded, uploaded and then as many as 2.2 million recordings may have been leaked!  Watch the video by clicking on image below to see what CloudPets is all about.  For more details go to Tony Hunt’s blog.


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because they use tracking software like Double Click to track your behavior.

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