Ahern, Benz, Moore Videos

I found a few DVDs as I was going through my Father’s (Walter Ahern) things after his death.  These were converted from film to DVDs by John Moore Sr. (thank you) and have been around for something like 20 years.  The films shown here are starting in 1934 and into the early 1940s.  Many of you may have already seen these, some may not have.  Anyway, who has a DVD player anymore to watch them.  Enjoy!


Will Ahern
The “A” Boat featured in videos, M2,  was the “Highball” built at Johnson Boatworks in White Bear. Grandpa Ahern bought it used for either $600 or $800. Recreational boats were also raced. Racing was a family affair.


1)      1934  Lazy Days on Lake Minnetonka


2)   1934  Lazy Days on Lake Minnetonka

3)    1934  Lazy Days on Lake Minnetonka

4)    1934  Lazy Days on Lake Minnetonka

5)     Out for a Visit

6)     Color


7)     St. Paul and Cottagewood


8)     1936-37  St. Paul #5 Sherburne and Rural Scenes and Winter Carnival



9)    A mix


10)     Fall and Winter Scenes


11)    Colorful Lake Minnetonka