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Stealth.Systems recommends actionable solutions for individuals and small collaborative groups.  I do not create the products and tools used for privacy.  I research, test and recommend products.  I work with clients to integrate diverse tools and practices into systems that are conducive to successful private collaboration.  This website reports on the issues and challenges that are impacting your digital privacy.

The potential scope of this topic is too expansive for any one website to handle.  It evolves daily.  I am starting with basic techniques everyday tools and will evolve to more specialized products over time.  Each product or tool as a stand alone component, may not ensure your security.  People and practices with clear understandings of risks associated with maintaining privacy are essential.

I start with email and other communication tools. Breaches at Yahoo and vague but assumed collaboration (coerced or otherwise) of digital giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft with government entities are cause for action.  Encryption is part of the answer.  As important is who has the keys.  If you are NOT the only holder of the private keys, reject the email or other communication tool.  For instance Google encrypts, but they have all the keys.