About Me

Privacy is about expressing yourself on your terms.  This website is on my terms. My name is Will Ahern and I have been in the IT field for over 30 years.  I work with small clients doing anything digital with them especially leveraging the potential of the Internet to their advantage.

I am intellectually curious about all things digital and especially the internet.  Some years ago I took the approach that to benefit from the internet, personal information was no longer so private, in fact it was a commodity to be shared with little regard for its use by others.  In order to get something on the internet, you had to give something.  That was Google’s model and I played into it.

As I set out to develop this website and help others with privacy, I first thought my anonimity would be evidence of my skill regarding privacy.  I have changed that premise and freely reveal who I am.  I also have changed much of my behavior on the Internet and am much more covetous of my information. On this website, I wish to share with you tools and techniques for privacy.  These are used for collaboration as well as individually.


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