Walmart apparently advises tech suppliers not to use AWS

Clear evidence of the fierce competition between Walmart and Amazon when Walmart advises its tech suppliers not to use AWS.  There is more to this though.  Does AWS respect the privacy of not only the data of suppliers but also the tools and techniques used?  Good reason for Walmart to be suspicious.  Amazon got a leg up years ago as big corporations used Amazon’s digital services when they were just selling books.  They used this experience with companies to learn and opportunistically take advantage of the expertise of others.

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Google to stop reading GMail for Ads Personalization.

Google claims to not be reading your GSuite email for Ad personalization already and plans to extend this to its free GMail users later this year.  Users are starting to recognize the intrusiveness of Google into your privacy.  I suggest you take control of your own privacy by removing Google from your digital life.  They apparently gather data on you in many almost invisible ways.  Using maps, searches and many other ways to form a partial profile on you and then buy additional information to create knowledge of you greater than you know.

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Google Dominates Online Advertising – Chrome To Block Ads ???

Google announced it will introduce an ad blocker to its Chrome browser. As the dominant online ad provider…huh??  Well it appears that they are not really going to do this but instead it’ll only block ads on pages that are determined to have too many annoying or intrusive advertisements, like videos that autoplay with sound or interstitials that take up the entire screen.  OK so something like 27% of browsers are already trying to block ads with ad blocking software.  A newer browser call BRAVE appears to block them all including trackers.  Check it out.  This is about YOUR privacy.  See more on the Google “ad blocking” initiative.

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