Disposable Emails and Burner Phone Numbers

Using disposable emails and burner phone numbers could be part of your privacy system.  Using disposable emails in replying to dubious sources may be a great idea, protecting your real identity from SPAM and perhaps worse.  Likewise doing the same with burner phone numbers, perhaps for a blind date or other connection where it is not initially known how things might go.  Protect yourself from being stalked or truly identified.  This DOES NOT protect your physical phone from being identified by sophisticated or determined adversaries.


Solutions to consider include:

Disposable Emails





Burner Phone Numbers

From iPhone App Store or Google Play, consider such products as Burner, LoudCloud and Shuffle.


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CloudPets left their database exposed publicly to the web without so much as a password to protect it.

The Internet Of Things, needs to be taken seriously both by us, the consumers, and by the manufacturers.  According to Troy Hunt, Austratian Security Blogger, an interactive, internet-connected, Teddy bear has apparently been seriously compromised. Kids’ voices were recorded, uploaded and then as many as 2.2 million recordings may have been leaked!  Watch the video by clicking on image below to see what CloudPets is all about.  For more details go to Tony Hunt’s blog.


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because they use tracking software like Double Click to track your behavior.

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