Privacy and Security – Your Browser and Tracking

Understanding how you are tracked  through your browser is integral to managing your privacy.  The first place to start is choosing a web browser.  Among the most popular, Edge/Explorer, Chrome, Safari and FireFox, consider the motivations of the organizations behind them.  Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla.  Only Mozilla does not have a big data gathering […]

Many Americans Do Not Use Best Practices With Digital Security And Do Not Trust Institutions To Protect Their Information

Many Americans fear they have lost control of their digital security and are concerned that public and private institutions are unable to keep their personal information safe.  Whether hacks we all witnessed in the 2016 presidential election or massive breaches reported by Yahoo in a very delayed manner, all seems lost.  Malicious hackers, politically motivated […]

Man jailed 16 months, and counting, for refusing to decrypt hard drives

Francis Rawls “doth protest too much, methinks”.  He is a former Philadelphia police sergeant and has been in the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center for more than 16 months. He has been found in contempt of court for refusing a judge’s order to unlock two hard drives the authorities believe contain child pornography. Theoretically, Rawls can remain jailed […]