Uber Privacy Change – Take Action

Uber Privacy Change - Take Action

Uber Privacy Change – Take Action

If you use Uber, there is a recent Uber privacy change – take action. Uber has recently changed the way it collects your location data in the app and this affects your privacy.  Previously it had two settings for gathering data regarding your GPS location; Never or when the app was “on”.  Now the settings are never or always.  We suggest you change the setting to “never”.  This does NOT mean you cannot use the app, it means only when the app is open will location data be used.   Lyft still has three location settings, regarding your location, Never, While using the App, and Always.

In a statement Uber says:

“Uber is a location-based service. Until this change, we only collected a riders’ location when the app was in the foreground — i.e. when it was actually open on their home screen. This created challenges with pick-ups, where having the riders’ exact location is very important, and drop offs, where knowing building entrances can create safer drop-off experiences. Collecting this data from when the rider requests a trip until five minutes after the trip has finished will help with ETAs, pick-ups, efficiency on POOL and passenger safety. If riders do not want this data collected they can opt-out and still use our service.”

Follow the link below on the Uber support page for specific instructions on how to configure your mobile device.

Uber Support Page

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Amazon’s Echo is listening!

The Amazon Echo is listening. It is a marvellous device that helps automate processes and home functions with simple voice commands.  Yet it may compromise your privacy in ways not fully thought out and promises to raise new questions about electronic privacy.  A murder case in Arkansas is just the beginning.

See NYTimes article

Want to delete your recorded data?

Option 1: Delete individual recordings

To delete specific recordings, go to the Amazon Echo app > Settings > History. You’ll see a list of all the requests you’ve made since setting up your Echo. To delete a recording, tap it, then tap Delete voice recordings.

Option 2: Delete everything

For those who don’t take chances, there’s a way to delete all voice data in one fell swoop. Head to www.amazon.com/myx, sign in, and click Your Devices. Select Amazon Echo, then click Manage Voice Recordings.

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